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FormFlow Workflow - FAQ & Troubleshooting


For additional information about resolving common issues, see the Workflow Troubleshooting Guide.

Yes. When you add a rule to a button or question, you can specify which workflow tracks you want the submission to be associated with.

Use the View Reports link on the FormFlow - Forms page to see the form's submission status. When the form has a Submitted status, payment was successful. If the status is Payment Pending, payment has not gone through.

One way to check that data points are working properly is to add an email to the first stage of the Workflow track. This email should be sent to yourself on the "OnAssignedToStage" event. In the body of the email, include the tokens for any mapped data points. When the email is sent, it will show if the values you're expecting for each mapped data point are being seen by Workflow.

When the form moves into a workflow, the context of the literal string replacer query changes if the value of the literal string replacer depends on the user viewing the form. For example, a question with a literal string replacer is populated with the submitters information by default when they are viewing the form. When an approver views the form, the questions that use those same literal string replacers will use the currently logged in user's information to populate the questions rather than the original submitter's information.