Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Set Global Permissions to Features

Select which Campus Portal roles have access to the various operations within features. Depending upon your licensing, portlets may be used with different features throughout Campus Portal. Global permissions apply to all instances of the portlet throughout Campus Portal, and available operations vary from feature to feature.

The table below describes the different global operations and the portlets that allow those operations.

Global Operation

User Role's Ability When Selected

Applies to these Portlets

Allow Access

Access the portlet from anywhere within Campus Portal where the portlet appears.

  • Academic Information

  • Application Progress

  • Initiate Contact

  • Apply for Admissions

  • Add/Drop Courses

  • Make an Inquiry

  • Division and Major Assignment

  • Online Payment Administration

Can Administer Applications

Access the Admin this Portlet link on the portlet.

Apply Online

Can Map Data for Applications

Map data from the online application to the J1 Desktop database, as well as administer applications.

Add/Drop Courses for Others

Add and drop courses for other users.

Add/Drop Courses

Add/Drop Courses for Self

Add and drop courses for themselves.

Can Admin Forms

Create forms and work within Form Builder.

Can Admin Global Settings

Administer global settings (access the Setup menu) for the portlet.

Can Map Form Data

Map data using Form Builder.

Can Administer Inquiries

Access the Admin this Portlet link on the portlet.

Make an Inquiry

Can Map Data for Inquiries

Map data from the online inquiry to the J1 Desktop database, as well as administer inquiries.

Is Displayed in User Dropdown?

Appear in the Admissions Personnel drop-down list on the page when Assign admissions personnel to division/major combinations is clicked from the portlet.

Division and Major Assignment

Can Receive Account Notification

Receive account notifications, including login and password information.

New Account Messaging

Assign Global Permissions to Roles

  1. Sign in as the Campus Portal administrator.

  2. Click the Site Manager link.

  3. Click the Global portlet operations link on the side menu.

  4. Click a name from the Portlets list to open the Global Operations screen for the selected portlet.

  5. Click the option to Yes in the applicable global operation columns for the desired roles.

  6. Click Save to return to the Portlets page.

  7. Click Exit.