Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Set Up User Roles in Campus Portal

After you have set up Campus Portal user roles in J1 Desktop, set up user roles in the Campus Portal. Users are added to roles in Desktop from the Role Membership window and can then be added to roles in Campus Portal from the Site Manager.

  1. Log in to Campus Portal as an administrator.

  2. Click the Site Manager link.

  3. Click the Base Roles link in the side menu.

  4. Click the Add New Role button.

  5. Enter the J1 Desktop Role ID in the Role Name field.

  6. Add users individually or based on existing roles.

    1. Add specific users.


      Only users that have been assigned to an existing Campus Portal role in J1 Desktop are available for selection.

      1. Click the Edit users link.

      2. Search for a specific user by typing their name in the Filter by field or filter users by selecting a specific role from the All roles drop-down.

      3. Click on the names to add them to the Choose people to ADD column; they are added to the role when you save.

      4. Click Save.

    2. Add users by base roles.

      1. Select the appropriate checkboxes under the Base roles section to allow users in existing JICS roles to access the new role's capabilities.

        • All users selects all the roles listed on the page.

        • Include guests grants access to users who don't have an ID number in J1 Desktop.

      2. Click Save.