Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Faculty Feature Setup

  1. Open the Registration Configuration window.

  2. Click the Configuration Table tab.

  3. Locate the CRM Student/Faculty Controls group box.

  4. In the Course Title to Display in the CRMs column, choose the appropriate display option.


The following example shows the result of various combinations for the following accounting course:

  • SECTION_MASTER.CRS_TITLE = 'Accounting for Beginners'


  • SECTION_MASTER.CRS_TITLE_2 = 'Emphasis on Cash Accounting'

If you choose this Display Option, . . .

. . . this is the resulting display in JICS


Accounting for Beginners (value from CRS_TITLE column)


Acct I (value from SHORT_CRS_TITLE_1 column)


*Accounting for Beginners Emphasis on Cash Accounting


Accounting for Beginners (Acct I)


Accounting for Beginners/Acct I

*Returns value that is a combination of the CRS_TITLE and the CRS_TITLE_2 columns because the format string is empty.

Perform the following steps to configure the default display of cross-listed courses in JICS:

  1. Open the Registration Configuration window in J1 Desktop.

  2. Click on the Configuration Table tab.

    1. Locate the CRM Student/Faculty Controls group box.

    2. From the Display of Cross-Listed Courses drop-down list, select one of the following values:

      1. Display Child Course(s) on Parent Course List

      2. Display Child Course(s) and Parent Course Separately

  3. Save.

If you want to control a specific set of cross-listed courses different than the default display you configured above, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Courses window in J1 Desktop.

  2. Click on the Web subtab.

  3. Locate the CRM Display of Crosslisted Courses option, select the desired value:

    1. Display Child Course(s) on Parent Course List

    2. Display Child Course(s) and Parent Course Separately

    3. None

  4. Save.

  5. Repeat the above step for each course in the crosslisted set of courses.

Make sure each J1 Desktop user who needs to receive email notifications has an email address in the Name Entity window.

  1. Open the Name Entity window.

  2. In the ID # column, enter the ID number for the user whose email address you are verifying.


    To search for an ID number, choose Advanced Search from the right-click menu options.

  3. Click the Search button. The user is displayed in the bottom panel of the window.

  4. Set the Name Option radio button to Individual and the View radio button to Details.

  5. On the Individual tab, verify or enter the user's email address in the Addresses group box.

  6. If you have made updates, click the Save button.