Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub


Use this portal for many tasks employees and managers need to accomplish. 


J1 Web offers JICS Authentication options that allow Staff Employees to log in to J1 Web with their Campus Portal credentials. Users are automatically added to the J1 Web User role and designated Employee roles when they log in to J1 Web for the first time. For more information about JICS Authentication, see the J1 Web System Administration help.JICS Authentication

For general tasks:

  • The Budget feature allows employees to plan and work with budgets and worksheets.      

  • The Employment Position Application feature allows applicants to apply for open positions posted online.       

  • The GL Account Lookup feature allows authorized employees look up general ledger account transactions.       

  • The My Employee Information feature allows employees to review paycheck information. They can view details about wages, dependents, time off, taxes, and other deductions from their paychecks.      

  • The New Account Messaging feature allows online applicants to receive email messages automatically during the hiring process (optional).

  • The Requisitions and Orders feature allows authorized employees to create and track requisitions.       

  • The Timecard Entry feature allows authorized employees to enter time worked (e.g., hours worked, vacation, sick and personal time) and submit their timecards for approval.

For management tasks:   

  • The Employment Position Management feature allows select user groups to submit position requisitions, create online applications, review the status of a request, approve requisitioned positions, review submitted applications, and approve applicants for interviews.       

  • The Requisition Approval feature allows authorized employees to create, approve, and decline requisitions.

  • The Timecard Approval feature allows authorized employees to approve timecards logged by their employees using the Timecard feature and submit the timecards to J1 Desktop Payroll.