Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Set Up Campus Portal User Roles in Desktop

Campus Portal user roles control users' access to features and functionality in the Campus Portal based on the permissions associated with their assigned role. The roles set up in Desktop are associated with accompanying roles in Campus Portal that further define how users access features in the Campus Portal. You can add, modify, and remove Campus Portal user roles from the Role Definition window in J1 Desktop.

  1. Open the Role Definition window in J1 Desktop.

  2. Choose Add Row from the right-click or Options menu.

  3. Enter a role code in the Role ID column to identify the role in J1 Desktop (e.g., student, parent, or faculty).

  4. Enter a Description for the Role ID.

  5. Enter a unique 3-character code in the J1 Portal Role ID.


    This code associates the J1 Desktop Portal Role ID with a role created in Campus Portal.

  6. To associate this Role ID with a pre-defined role in J1 Desktop, select the appropriate J1 Associated Role. Otherwise, leave this blank.

  7. Select the External Authentication checkbox if you want the data import service (DIS) to send Campus Portal the updated list of users when they are added to the role in Desktop.


    For more information about the DIS, see the Desktop Web Administration help.

  8. Click Save.


After a new role is created, the Role ID cannot be modified. Although the J1 Portal Role ID can be changed, we recommend that you do not make changes to this field once it is defined. If changes are made, be sure to make the appropriate updates in the Campus Portal so that the roles are associated correctly.

  1. Open the Role Definition window.

  2. Locate the role definition row and edit the appropriate information.

  3. Save.


Removing a role in Desktop also removes each user that was assigned to that role in Desktop and Campus Portal. Verify that any users in the deleted role have been placed in another role with similar permissions to ensure proper access to Campus Portal.

  1. Open the Role Definition window.

  2. Highlight or select the role you want to delete.

  3. Choose Delete Row from the right-click or Options menu.

  4. Save.