Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub

Candidates and Prospects Feature Setup

Select the stages in J1 Desktop that will be used to automatically create a Campus Portal login for a candidate. The Edit Stage Configuration window allows you to define which candidacy stages push Candidate logins to Campus Portal through the DIS and create the Candidate role.

  1. In J1 Desktop, open the Stage Definition window.

  2. Locate the appropriate stage, right-click and choose Edit Stage Config (or double-click the row) to open the Edit Stage Configuration window.

  3. For the Candidate J1 Portal Account option, select the Create radio button to indicate that a candidate moving into this stage should have a Campus Portal login and the Candidate role created if the candidate does not already have one defined.


    Select the No Change radio button for a stage if the stage should not create or delete a Campus Portal login or the Candidate role for a candidate at the selected stage. Additionally, if the candidate should be removed from the Candidate role (i.e., the candidate has withdrawn his/her application), select the Delete radio button. The Delete option does not remove the login from Campus Portal but that it only removes the login from the Candidate role.

  4. Click the OK button.

  5. Click Yes or No when the confirmation message appears.


    Clicking Yes retrieves the list of candidates currently at that stage and automatically creates a J1 Portal ID and puts them into the Candidate role as needed.

    Clicking No does not update any existing candidates at that stage, but a Campus Portal login and role are created for any candidates who are moved into the specified stage in the future.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for any other stage that should create a Campus Portal login for a candidate when the candidate reaches the stage.