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Set Up the Student Identity Update Form


Information and features vary according to the roles to which you belong and the permissions associated with those roles. For more information, contact your module manager or your campus support team.

The Jenzabar-provided Student Identity Update form template allows you to collect gender information from individuals using the Campus Portal. Information can be collected for any Campus Portal user with an ID number.


Gender identity information can also be managed using the J1 Web Person Information Details page, Biograph tab and the Desktop's Name Entity window.

The default form template adds the logged in user's name and provides options for selecting their sex at birth, legal sex, gender identity, and preferred personal pronouns. Information is immediately saved in the J1 database and reflected in J1 Web and Desktop without requiring internet submission processing and approval.

You can update, add, and remove tabs and questions as needed. If you add a field/question using Mapped Statements or Stored Procedures tools, it will also be immediately saved in the database. If you add another field/question using the J1 Mapping Tool, it will require internet submission processing and approval.

Options available for users to select from the default drop-downs are managed in the Desktop.

  • Sex at Birth is managed on the J1 Web Maintain Table Values page and Desktop Maintain Table Values window, Gender column name.

  • Legal Sex and Gender Identity options are managed on the Gender Definition window.

  • Pronoun options are managed on the Pronoun Definition window in the Desktop.

  • You must have a connection to the J1 database set up in FormFlow.

  • It must be added to a page users can access.


When determining where to add the form, consider who you want to complete the form and if they have access to the page.

  1. Log in to the Campus Portal as an administrator and access the page where you are adding the Student Identity Update form.

  2. Click Manage Forms.

  3. Click Add Form.

  4. From the Choose a template drop-down, select Common: Student Identity Update.

  5. Click Create. The form is added to the page.

Detailed information about adding tabs, rows, and questions to the form is available in the Form Basics help topic.

Yes, you can add other fields to the form.

If you add fields that will update information in J1 Desktop/Web, they must be mapped to your database. Fields/questions using Mapped Statements or Stored Procedures tools are immediately saved in the database. Fields/questions using the J1 Mapping Tool require internet submission processing and approval. For more information, see the Form-Specific Tools and Working with Questions/Fields, Options help topics.