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J1 - Resources for Getting Started

Jenzabar Academy is here to help your school get the most out of Jenzabar One. Here are a few of the great learning resources we provide:

  • Administrative, process, and user guides

  • eLearning on-demand courses

  • Help Hub

  • Module Resource Center

  • Release news and archives

  • YouTube videos

My Jenzabar


 Resources are accessible from our client resource portal, MyJenzabar (MyJ). Active Jenzabar clients can request an account and access product downloads, learning resources, information about support, our feature suggestion portal, and details about webinars, Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM), and Regional User Groups (RUGs).


Once you log in, you’ll see the MyJ Home page where you can navigate to product resources using the tabs along the top of the page, links on the left-hand side, or the Product Navigator.


Jenzabar One resources are available lots of different ways.

  • For a comprehensive resource list for all Jenzabar One modules, click the Resource Center tab. You’ll have access to the Jenzabar Academy page, JAM resources, and information about our partners. The Jenzabar Academy page links out to the Module Resource Center, eLearning courses, the Help Hub, the Academy’s YouTube channel, and webinars. From these resources, drill down into the products and modules you use.

  • For Jenzabar One module resources specific to the products you are licensed for, click the Module Resource Center link from the Product Navigator. Every J1 module has a resource page where you can download guides and link to eLearning courses, online help content, YouTube videos, and webinars specific to that module.


eLearning Courses


Your MyJenzabar credentials grant you access to the Academy’s site, which offers self-paced and interactive eLearning courses as well as webinars. Our extensive catalog guides you through how to use different areas of the Jenzabar software.


You can drill down into the product and module areas you want to learn about at your own pace with pause and progress-tracking features.


Click on a Product Suite Catalog option to browse the learning resources available for a particular area. If you are new to Jenzabar One, or to your products, start your training with the Need More Guidance? link for a step-by-step approach to training.


Step 1 accesses overview courses for first-time users and refresher courses. Step 2 lists job-focused training sessions that highlight work related topics.


Help Hub


The Help Hub is Jenzabar One’s comprehensive help system. It provides online help and release information for J1 Desktop, J1 Web, and Campus Portal features.


Help includes overview information, detailed step-by-steps with relevant screen captures, real-world examples, tips, and frequently asked questions.

To access the help hub:

  • From the Desktop, press the F1 key or select Help from the main menu.

  • From J1 Web and the Campus Portal features, click the help icons throughout the systems.

  • From the modules pages in the MyJenzabar Module Resource Center, click the J1 Online Help link.



Discover related information and processes from the tables of contents.

Module Resource Center


The Module Resource Center is a centralized product resource repository. Drill down into product hubs and module pages where you can download administrative, user, and process guides, and find links to eLearning courses, online help content, YouTube videos, and webinars specific to every J1 module.


Release News


The Release News details enhancements and resolved issues for Jenzabar One releases, and is available in video, HTML, and PDF formats. To help you find the information you need, the Release News is organized by module and searchable.

  • Release videos are available on the Academy YouTube channel. Links to them can be found in release ListServ announcements, the Help Hub, and the MyJenzabar Release Documentation page.

  • HTML versions are available from the Help Hub, MyJenzabar, and the Desktop’s Getting Started tab.

  • PDF versions are included with downloads and the MyJenzabar Release Documentation page.


The Release News Archive shows changes from 2019.x forward. If you skip upgrades, you don’t need to download multiple PDFs – just browse information for the releases you skipped.


YouTube Videos


The Jenzabar Academy YouTube channel includes quick reference videos on a wide range of Jenzabar topics and products. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on the latest videos.


Meet the Academy


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