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J1 Web Integration with Campus Marketplace

Jenzabar's new Campus Marketplace can be integrated with J1 Web registration features to support online registration for noncredit courses. This integration allows schools to publish sections directly from J1 into an online storefront where anyone can enroll in and pay for the course. This functionality requires both the Campus Marketplace and Jenzabar Unity Platform licenses.

Schools determine which courses can be made available to Campus Marketplace from the Manage Section Details page > Portal Controls tab.

Manage Section Details page, Portal Controls tab.

After the section is published on Campus Marketplace, students can enroll and pay for the course. Student information is submitted to J1 and accessible on the Manage External Registrations page. Students are flagged as external persons. Registrars convert external students to internal students and the system assigns them an ID number.

When students have an ID number, registrars complete the registration for the requested section. Students receive a confirmation email when they are successfully registered for the course, and instructors are notified that a new student is registered.

For additional information about the process and setting up J1 Web to work with Campus Marketplace, see the Processing External Registrations in J1 Web and Setting Up J1 Web to Work with Campus Marketplace guides.

An External Registration section is visible on the Registration Settings page (Registration Administration hub). These settings determine the default values assigned to students when they are converted from external to internal persons in the J1 system. For additional information about these settings, see the J1 Registration Administration hub help.

Registration Settings page, external registration section.

The new Manage External Registrations page lists all the registration requests submitted via Campus Marketplace. Use this page to review student information, convert external students to internal students, register them for course sections, and perform registration overrides. For additional information, see the Manage External Registrations help.

Manage External Registration page.

A new "Can register external students" permission has been added to the default Registrars role. This permission grants access to the Manage External Registrations page.

Active Student Field on Student Information Pages

A new Active Student (Yes or No) field has been added to these pages:

  • Student General Information

  • Student Information Details, General Information tab, Demographics heading

On the Student General Information page, you can use the filter to show only active students or only inactive ones.

The student's active status is stored on the Student Master table (student_master.is_student_active).

Program History Added to Student Information Details

On the Student Information Details page, Program tab, you can now click the Manage program history button to see the record of changes to the student's program.

The "Manage program history" button on the Student Information Details page, Program tab


In Desktop, this information is on the Degree History Archive window.

Each change is labeled with date and time, so it's easy to track the progression of changes.

The Manage Program History pop-up on the Student Information window pointing out the drop-down to select changes and the fields showing the date and time of the change


The Manage program history button is available only if you have the "Can edit student graduation info" permission.

Dozens of definition windows previously found only in Desktop are now available in J1 Web. They're still available in Desktop, and changes you make in either platform apply to both Desktop and J1 Web.

The definitions are located in the Registration Administration hub.

Registration Administration hub showing the "Hub options" drop-down expanded, with "Manage definitions" selected

Following are the definition pages now available, and more are coming in future releases. Each has a link to the help topic for the new definition page. (Some topics may still be under construction for a little while.)

Academic Standing

CBE Category

CBE Competency

CBE Learning Outcome

CBE Type






Course Component

Credit Type


Degree Period

Degree Program Area



Division Group

Education Success Level

Education Success Type

Enrollment Level

FERPA Category

Forgiven Course Recalc

GPA Tier


Grade Comment

Grade Scale

Grade Table

Grading Period

Grading Period Type

Graduation Stage

Graduation Stage Status

Group Registration

High School Student Credit Status


Honors Program

Institutional Division

Interinstitutional Enrollment Report Method

IPEDS Ethnic / Race Value

IPEDS Occupational Activity

Leave of Absence

Not-State-Funded Reason

NSC Enrollment Status

NSC Part-Time / Full-Time

NSC Program Credential Level

NSC Program Length Type

NSC Special Program

NSC Student Phone Type

NSC Term

NSC Veteran Status

Part-Time / Full-Time

PESC Admin Contact Function

PESC EDI Time Zone

PESC Subtest EDI

PESC Subtest XML



Purpose Type

Restricted Program Admission

Sports Scholarship Value

State Classification

State Enrollment Status

State Location




Texas Remote Location

Textbook Cost / Price Type

Time Zone

Transcript Contact

Transcript Organization

Transcript Request Status

Transcript Request Status Reason

Transcript Type

Tuition Exemption Reason

Tuition Status

Web Registration Group

Withdrawal Reason


Several report and process windows previously found only in Desktop are now available in J1 Web. They're still available in Desktop, and data is shared between Desktop and J1 Web, so you can run the reports and processes on either platform.

The reports and processes are located in the new Registration Reporting and Processes hub.

The "Hub options" menu on the Registration Reporting and Processes hub showing several reports and processes
New Roles

For the new hub and the new definitions, reports, and processes there are new roles and permissions. These are the new roles:

New Permissions in Existing Roles

These Registrars role and the Registration Module Manager role have new permissions.

Resolved Issues




In some cases, when users attempted to delete a course that didn't have charges generated, they received a message that charges had been run for the course and weren't able to delete the course.


The Date Range filter didn't work for the Course List search.


The complete Section Title didn't display if there were more than 35 characters (Manage Sections > Manage Student Section Details page > Section Info tab).


On the Manage Section Details page > Financials tab, clicking Edit details opened the billing period changes warning pop-up before any changes were made.


The Update Enrollment Status pop-up didn't properly highlight the students that couldn't be processed.


When users without registration delete permission (Registration Permissions window) attempted to register a student for two corequisite courses and the student couldn't be added to one of the courses because of a non-corequisite error, the Registration Override pop-up still added the other course in spite of its corequisite error.


Course sections created from a catalog course failed to copy the course description (Catalog Text) into the Section Text field.

RN30407, RN32111

Tuition Hours didn't populate for new sections created from Create Section > Create section from catalog.


Search filter didn't show sections for terms with a single character term code (Academic Department hub > Manage sections > Advanced filter > Time Frame).


The Grade Entry page was slow to respond after the user entered grades for a student.


When a course section had both types of Web Registration Group restrictions (by Course and by Group), then users on the Student Registration window received an error and couldn't register students for the course section.


The Student Schedule report didn't load for students with at least one Student_Crs_Hist row with a Year/Term combination that didn't have a row in the Year_Term_Table.


The default filter on the Manage Sections page wasn't applied when the title view was changed to the Enrollment or Schedule view.


When the Census or Last Withdrawal Dates were changed, there wasn't an option to apply those updates to the student_crs_hist table (Registration Administration hub > Manage section > Manage section details).


The Report Attendance pop-up was empty in certain situations.


When students in a web group that required advisor approval registered for a course, were approved, and then registered for another course and were approved, the existing registration dates were updated to the date of the most recently approved course. Depending on how student charges were set up, this issue could have created duplicate student charges.


The Course Roster didn't load properly in certain conditions (Faculty hub and Registration Administration hub).


The J1 Web Student Test Scores page didn't load when a Test Percentile value was deleted in the Desktop (Edit Test Scores window).


The Mark complete button was disabled for users in certain roles even though they had "Can always report attendance" permission (Manage Attendance page).


For grades that required a last date of attendance, the Last date of attendance column was not required or editable on the Grade Entry page.


The Course Overrides page didn't honor the default filter when it was set to show only the Most Recent Overrides.


The Manage Student General Information page loaded slowly when there were a large number of STUDENT_MASTER and ORG_MASTER records.