Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub


Definitions Added to the Facilities Hub

You can now create the following definitions from the Facilities hub. These fields can still be defined from the Desktop, and definitions created in either system are added to the other (i.e., a key defined on the J1 Web Key Definitions page is also listed in the Key Definition window in J1 Desktop).

New Keys by Issuees Page

The new Keys by Issuees page organizes key assignments by the individuals associated with them. You can also copy, edit, and reassign keys, and view key history from this page.

Permissions Added for Managing Definitions

The following permissions have been added to the Facilities Manager role:

  • Can manage resource type definitions

  • Can view/create/edit/delete campus locations

  • Can mange key status definitions

  • Can manage key definitions

Resolved Issues




The pop-up to change a place's address information didn't show all editable fields (Place page > Contacts block > Edit Address).


Meetings that started or ended on the half hour didn't save or display correctly on the Facilities Calendar.


Checkboxes didn't display next to space names and the Update space status option didn't change the space status (View Spaces page).