Jenzabar Campus Portal Features Help Hub


New Look and Improvements for Employee

Several pages have a new design, improved performance, increased accessibility, and additional functionality! Advanced filters let you find information quickly and Communication features like commenting and creating communications let you interact easily with others.

The following pages have been updated:

  • Employee Leave Requests

  • Employee Leave Balances

  • Employee Supervisor Approve Timecards

  • Employee Supervisor Review Leave Requests

New Manage Leave Request Page

The new Manage Leave Requests page lets employee administrators sort leave requests by Supervisor, Employee, Current Status, or Date Range using the Leave Request Filter. Depending on your role, you can also request, approve, or deny leave requests.

Access the page by hovering over Tasks and selecting Manage leave requests. Administrators have access to their employee's leave requests as well as any other employees in their Pay Group.


To grant an employee administrator access to the new page, click the Can manage leave requests box on the Edit Employee Administrator role page in the User Management hub.

Improvements to Timecards

Timecards in J1 Web now have improved performance! The Approve Timecards and Manage Timecards pages load more quickly. You can add, edit, and delete an entry as you normally would.


IT/DB Administrators: As part of this process, some default data was removed from the database. You should expect to see a smaller database table. The upgrade did not remove any of your data.

Record Leave on the Review Leave Request Page

Supervisors can now record leave from the Review Leave Request page. Previously, supervisors could only approve or deny requests on the Review Leave Request page and had to use the Approve Timecards page to record leave.

Use the Record Leave button to enter leave for current, future, and past unapproved timecards, regardless of cutoff date. If a supervisor records leave, the leave request is automatically approved. However, if the timecard approval cutoff date is past, an administrator will need to approve the timecard.


You can't record leave for timecards that have been approved.

Resolved Issues




The Leave Requests process didn't honor the "Do Not Allow Negative Balance" setting when employees requested more time than was available.


Employee timecard was creating duplicate clock-ins (Employee hub > Timecard block).


The description for the Payroll Calendar setting was incorrect (Employee Administration hub > Setup > Manage administrator settings).

RN32160, RN39423

Time entered in J1 Web didn't save (Employee hub > Timecard block > Request leave).


Employee roster lists names multiple times if the employee or their supervisor has multiple email addresses (Employee Administration hub > Tasks > View employee roster).


There was a system error when supervisors tried to approve multiple timecards (Employee Supervisor hub > Approve timecards).


The system used the street address instead of the email address in the email pop-up (Employee Supervisor hub > View employee roster > Click Contact for an employee).


An error occurred when administrators attempted to approve and undo approval of timecards (Employee Administration hub > Tasks > Manage Timecards).


Users weren't able to update Electronic Consent Text for W-2s or 1095-Cs on the Manage Annual Statement Settings page.


The Approve Timecards page was unresponsive.


The process to create timecards took a long time and caused the database to deadlock (Manage Timecards page).


The Period Total didn't update when time was added, updated, or removed on the Manage Timecards page.


Pending leave requests couldn't be approved when the Timecard Approval Cutoff Date matched today's date (Employee Supervisor hub > Review leave requests).