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Emails and texts opened from the Interaction Inventory, Inbox, and Feed now include a "more details" link to real-time analytic information. The link opens an analytics window where users can view all the status updates for that specific message including how many were sent, delivered, and if there were any issues.


Analytic information is also now available from the interaction run history. Review the recipient list and details like the number of successfully sent messages, how many recipients opened it, if there were any issues,

Communication Contacts

New Communication Contacts page lets you:

  • View recipient lists based on data sets.

  • Validate recipient phone numbers/email addresses.*



    Use the new FormFlow Contact Information Update form to confirm and collect updated contact information from students, faculty, and staff using your campus portal. See the Set Up the Contact Information Update Form help topic for more information.

  • View recipient communication analytics and access their page/interaction information for more information.

  • Send communications. For example, if you're working with an incoming freshman data set, you can select students that haven't signed up for orientation a text to remind them of the date.

Access the Communication Contacts page online help here for detailed information:


To access this page, users must belong to a Communication Base role with the Can view Communication Contacts permission enabled. To use validation features, users must have Communications Plus and belong to a Communication Management Licensed role with the Can validate contact information permission enabled.

*Only available with Communications Plus.


You can now use @mentions to bring an interaction to someone's attention anywhere internal comments are available.


Mentioned individuals receive a notification letting them know they’ve been mentioned. When they access the notification from the Notification Center, they can link directly to the interaction where they are mentioned.



This feature does not require new role permissions. Anyone with access to internal comments can use @mentions.

Shared Inboxes*

Communications now allows users to share an inbox. Shared inboxes let multiple people receive, read, and reply to emails and texts from common email accounts and phone numbers. For example, your school may have a general admission email address used for common inquiries and the registration department may have a shared department phone number.


Individuals assigned to shared email accounts and phone numbers can see the new Shared Inboxes tab in their Interaction Inbox. From the Shared Inbox, they can select all the accounts they are assigned to and read and reply to incoming messages, send new messages, and review and add internal comments associated with a message thread.


Roles and interaction access permissions determine which interactions they see.

When a person in the group replies to a message sent to the shared account or phone number, the message appears to be from the shared mailbox, not from the individual user. When creating a new communication, users assigned to shared emails and phone numbers can select which “From” address they want to use. For example, if they want to send a text from a shared admissions phone number or a phone number shared between colleagues in the English Dept.


To utilize this feature:

  • Create new shared email addresses (new Email Assignments tab on the Communication Settings page).

  • Assign users to the appropriate email addresses (new Email Assignments tab on the Communication Settings page).

  • Assign users to the appropriate phone numbers (new Phone Numbers tab on the Communication Settings page).

  • Ensure users working with a shared inbox belong to a Communication Management Licensed role with the Can access interaction inbox permission enabled.

*Only available with Communications Plus.

Create New Communication Updates

Additional New Features

22.1 includes the following new features for

A new Contact Information Update form is included with FormFlow this release. This new form lets any campus portal constituent update their name, address, email, and phone number information. This can help ensure emails and phone numbers are accurate. To help keep recipient contact information up-to-date, the Campus Portal FormFlow feature includes a new Contact Information Update form with 2022.1. For more information, see the 2022.1 FormFlow Enhancements information.

  • Attachment Pop-Up List

    A new pop-up appears when you hover over an attachment icon with multiple attachments. The pop-up lists the attachment file names and types, and indicators let you know which files have already been saved.

  • Select Your From Address

    If you are assigned to multiple email addresses or phone numbers, you can now which “From” email address or phone number you want to use when sending a text or email. For example, if you want to send a text from a shared admissions phone number or one shared by the recruitment office.


Administrative Features


Access Codes

You can now create custom Access Codes from the new Access Codes page in the new Campus-Wide Definitions hub. A code is associated with interactions when they are defined/created. Users in a role with permission to the code will then be able to view/work with those interactions.

SMTP Options

SMTP Relay Configuration options for Client Application Services are now available in J1 Web, System Administration.

Call Forwarding

New phone number settings let you forward calls coming in to your Twilio numbers to a voice-capable line or prerecorded message. This connects text recipients that call the texting-only number to an individual or message with more information.

Recipient List and Interaction Previews

New Interaction Use Option

Communication Settings Page Updated

The Communication Management hub, Communications page now uses tabs for managing phone number, texting, email, and document settings.

  • New Phone Numbers tab:

    • Access options for managing users assigned to Twilio phone numbers.

    • Use new forwarding options to send calls coming in to Twilio numbers to a voice-capable line or prerecorded message.

  • New Texting tab:

    • Access the Texting Grace Period options (previously available from the Texting drop-down)

    • Configure your texting template (previously managed on the System Administration hub, Communications page)

  • New Email Assignments tab lets you manage users assigned to email addresses and grant designated users temporary access to an email account. This can be useful for seasonal or student staff, adjuncts, etc. When they reach their end date, the system automatically revokes their access to messages associated with that email address/phone number.

  • New Document tab lets you manage the document mail merge setting (previously available from the Document drop-down option).


To utilize these features, users must belong to a Communication Management base role with the Can manage settings permission enabled.

Resolved Issues




The Interaction Inbox unread message count didn't update when messages were read (Universal toolbar).


A loading error occurred when users attempted to delete an incomplete or inactive interaction.


The scheduled job to process temporary attachments failed because the directory path used to hold temporary attachments was not valid.


For Communications Plus users with Message Forwarding enabled, messages were not forwarded to the interaction inbox.


Large SQL files didn't upload correctly as data sets (Data Sets page).


Communications were received by the wrong group when the interaction set rules were applied.


Emails sent from the interaction didn't consistently incorporate merged data fields for large recipient groups.


The Sent view produced a loading error in the Interaction Inbox.


Attempting to upload an SQL Query for a recipient Data Set produced an error when the "DISTINCT" keyword was used but no "ORDER BY" clause was provided.


Document Interactions failed to run when they were applied to recipients that weren't in the merge data query.


The Notepad Archive tab on the Interaction Inventory page failed to load when a person or ID wasn't selected.


Interaction details didn't display in the Interaction Inventory for certain document storage configurations.


Interactions that used the Name Details data set timed out and didn't send when there were a large number of NameMaster rows.