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Resolved Issues




Updated the descriptive text for the Employees section of permissions on the Academic Advising Module Manager role.


The Change Selection link disappeared for elective requirements that existed underneath an AND group.


Courses couldn't be replanned in a student plan after students dropped or withdrew from the course.


The error message for the Copy Program process didn't explain the issue with enough detail (Advising Administration Hub > Admin Options > Copy program requirements).


Plan requirements weren't displayed on the Student Plan page when students registered for a course in a term after the term in which the requirement was originally planned.


The Copy Program process attempted to replace an advising tree if it already existed in the copied to year but was not created by the Copy Program process.


When multiple terms were open for registration clearance, the Registration Clearance block didn't display correctly after the term was changed (Student Summary page > Registration Clearance block).


Course requirements that were listed twice within the same plannable OR group were listed twice in the Student Plan.


There was a loading error when advisors tried to open a pending To Do for students that were no longer enrolled.


In order to be considered an advisee in a secondary advising role, or the AV All Students role, the student must be an active advisee.  Previously, the student needed to have an active degree history row.


If students registered for more courses categorized as free electives than were required in their academic plan, Free Elective requirements added via the Add Elective pop-up on the student plan page didn't appear on the plan page.


Programs didn't load on the J1 Web Program Planning page if the Degree/Aim Cross Reference window contained invalid data.