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Oklahoma State Reporting

Oklahoma State Reporting with JFA

You can now produce the OK FAID PUB report with financial aid data, including housing status, from Jenzabar Financial Aid (JFA). State Reporting Snapshots for the OK FAID PUB report include a new prompt to select the Financial Aid System type that your institution uses. It pulls most of the data based on the funds posted to student accounts and determines Housing based on how it is defined on the student’s active ISIR.

You can access the OK FAID PUB report guide on MyJenzabar’s State Reporting section.

Resolved Issues




The OK Misc Claims report did not work properly for the state code of 723.


The OTRS Monthly report reported a lower case O in the DateOfEligibility tag.


For employees with multiple positions, the OTRS Monthly report did not always list their positions in the correct priority order. As a result, the data collection process potentially displayed the data from the incorrect position.