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Customizable Reports & Forms

This section lists report and form objects that are new or modified in the J1 versions since 2020.3. They are listed by module along with the PBL and object name.

If the datasource has changed in table structure, arguments, the select statement, etc., you may need to recustomize the report or form starting with the <Original> model version of the report or form. If the datasource has not changed, then you need to test your customized report or form to determine if it still works. If it does not work, you may need to re-customize it. If it works, you may use it, but any updates made to the model version are unavailable.

Check the charts in each section for information about the changed reports or forms.

If you are customizing a report to be available in JICS, make sure you start with the PBL on the JICS server.


New and Changed Reports Since 2021.2
New and Changed Additional Reports Since 2021.2


Desktop Forms

New and Changed Forms Since 2021.2

Original forms are stored differently than reports because the original versions of J1 Desktop forms are not stored in J1 code the way the reports are, and the name of a customized form must remain the same as the original.

Reference Forms

The Jenzabar-created versions of all customizable form PBL files are installed to an Original Forms folder. You can always find the current Original version of the form in this location if you have customized these forms in the Custom folder.

The Original Forms folder is created by the installer within the J1 Desktop Programs folder on the machine from which the Custom folder is being updated. These represent Jenzabar's model versions of these files and are not intended to be customized.


Do not modify these files. Using InfoMaker, you may copy any PBLs or forms within the PBLs from this folder to the Custom folder.

Custom Forms
Network Custom Install Notes
New and Changed Form Details Since 2021.2