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Resolved Issues




When catalog lookup for transfer history was used in the Transfer Entry window, the Work Experience column showed the Credit Type.


Updated unclear pop-up text about course overrides in the Courses window.


During the Admissions to Registration Transfer process for ID numbers in the NSLC Student Master table, the system tried to add a row to the table instead of updating it.


Project Codes generated from the Courses window did not save to the section_master table.


Degree History Archive window didn't show changed columns for users with view only permissions.


The FERPA Permissions Start Date didn't determine when the FERPA icon was visible on the Student Information window.


The Organization Master Lookup loaded slowly.


The system didn't alert users that the Course Code was required to add new rows on the Transfer Entry window.


The Enrollment Counts snapshot didn't capture the Exit Date correctly on the Institutional Research Student Data Records window (Create/Work with Snapshots Collect Student Data process).


Student Aims were not updated when degrees were marked inactive in the Degree History List and Update window.


When a course section had both types of Web Registration Group restrictions (by Course and by Group), then users on the Student Registration window received an error and couldn't register students for the course section.


When the deceased date was updated on the Biographical Data window for students that were not currently taking classes and their current degree row was locked (Student Information window), the system called the Registration Cross Table Update process and showed an error message. The Cross Table Update process has been updated and is no longer linked to the Deceased Date on the Biographical Data window if the student is not currently taking classes.


Updating the Census Date from the Courses and Courses (Non-Traditional) windows didn't update the student_crs_hist table.


The database function fn_numbers_only ran slowly with large amounts of data.


The Stored Procedure Name drop-down didn't show all available stored procedures when the drop-down was first accessed (Transcript Requests window > Transcript Generation Detail tab).


The CBM002 snapshot .txt file didn't include students that had ABE Diagnostic scores on TSIA2 tests.


When new sections were created by copying a section that didn't have SectionMasterGradePeriod rows, the new section was assigned SectionMasterGradePeriod rows for Final and Midterm, but the Midterm row had the wrong Credit Type and Grade Scale values.


The default EDI Transcript setup for Test Scores was incorrect, which caused an error when EDI transcripts were imported on the Import Files into J1 window.