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Human Resources

New Checkbox for Generate 1095-Cs Window

A new Generate Checksum checkbox has been added to the Generate 1095-Cs window. If you've manually updated a Request file, selecting this checkbox allows you to internally generate a valid checksum value that is used in the Manifest file.

New Document Storage Icon

There is a new Document Storage document_storage_icon.png icon on the HR Employee Master via Personnel and HR Employee Master via Payroll windows in Desktop. Enter an employee’s ID number, and then click the icon to open the Document Master window. In the Document Master window, you can work with any available documents for the employee.


The new icon is visible only if the user has access to the Document Master window. You can manage access using the Group Definition window.

Resolved Issues




Payroll accruals didn't advance employees into the next accrual category when the pay period spanned two calendar years (Pay Run Edit process).


The carryover amount exceeded the rollover limit in certain configurations if time was taken during the payroll when the rollover occurred.


Dependent care deductions entered in Box 10 of the W-2s now honors the $10,5000 limit.


The Generate W-2s process ran very slowly and sometimes didn't generate the PDFs for the 4-part forms.


Edited data did not appear consistently in W-2 and W-2 Summary Reports, especially when the Use Edited Data checkbox had been deselected and selected several times.


Creating a new position with a position code that didn't have a full-time/part-time designation produced a system error (Review Position Requests window).


Users didn't get an 'Unable to delete' message when they attempted to delete positions that had data in the PATimecardDetail table (Employee Master window > Positions tab).


The Generate 1095-Cs process didn't create the media files correctly for previous years.


The Generate Correction/Replacement Mag Media window let users generate files without entering the Receipt and Submission IDs.


Running the Update Payroll process for employees with primary and secondary positions and benefits based on Non Secondary Gross No OT/Adj produced an error when the Separate Timecard checkbox was selected on the secondary position (Timecard Entry window).


Project codes for LB transactions weren't populated during the Salary Distribution process.


When a check batch generated from J1 Web was deleted from the Unused Check Batches window, the Processing Status row wasn't deleted from the timecard status history.