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Create Student Update Now Transfers Additional Data

The Create Student Update process has improved performance and transfers additional student data in 2022.1!


As part of this improvement, we are transitioning to a new table structure to handle the transfer of contact information. The name_master and address_master data views have been replaced with NameMaster and AddressMaster throughout the FAM_CreateStudentUpdateAsXML stored procedure. Phone numbers and email addresses will now be pulled from the AlternateContact and PhoneMaster tables.

The FAM_CreateStudentUpdateasXML stored procedure and Student Academic Extract have been updated to send the following additional data sets to JFA:

Mobile Phone Number

Create Student Update now transfers a student’s mobile phone number to JFA as the primary phone number associated with the account. If the student doesn’t have a mobile phone number, then the priority phone number from the Address Priority list will be assigned as primary.

Admission Term

Create Student Update now transfers Admission Term data to JFA to provide more information about a potential student’s candidacy.

The following tags are sent as part of the Admission Term tag set:

  • <TermName>: includes Term Description for the candidate’s current term

  • <AcademicYear>: includes Year Description for the candidate’s current term

  • <AdmittedDate>: populated when a student has been Accepted with the date provided from Stage History

When transferred correctly, the Entry Term and Admission date will appear on the Admission tab of the Student Profile in JFA.

Country Code

Create Student Update now transfers the two-character FIPS Country Code to JFA.

Cumulative GPA

FAM now transfers cumulative GPA to JFA for terms that have not yet been graded. When transferred, the GPA is visible in JFA and can be used in Group Processing and Packaging Rules


Create Student Update now transfers both active and inactive majors and certifications as programs. It also sends additional tags under the AcademicPrograms/AcademicProgram dataset to JFA, including:

  • GradeLevel

  • SpecialProgramIndicator

  • CIPCode

  • EffectiveEndDate

EffectiveEndDate might be populated differently based on what dates exist in the records.

  • If there is an Exit Date associated with the student, that date is sent as EffectiveEndDate.

  • If there is no Exit Date, but there is a Withdraw Date, the Withdraw Date is sent.

  • If both exist, the earliest date is sent.

  • If neither exists and the record is inactive, the Record Change Date set when the record became inactive is sent.

  • If none of the above dates exist, the tag is set to NULL.

New Database Table for JFA Post Response Data

There is a new database table, FAPostAidResponse, created to hold the response file JFA returns when processing the update received from Accounts Receivable when an FA transaction group is posted to student accounts. Generally, the response file indicates it was successfully posted into JFA to update students to a Funded or COD Update status. Occasionally, error messages are returned when JFA encounters specific issues.

This change eliminates the system writing a response file to the Response folder of the designated Disbursement Roster location. It supports a process that will allow customers the ability to review successful and error transactions in a future release.


As of this release, the Disbursements folder is still required.

Resolved Issues




A second run of Anticipated Aid inadvertently removed transactions.


When Create Student Update is run from the scheduler, it now uses the same default query as an interactive run. All expected student records are selected and updates transferred to the JFA system.


Disbursement transaction groups with more than 100 transactions were not updating fully. For any groups with more than 100 that were created between the J1 2021.1 and the J1 2021.3.0.2 patch, please contact the Jenzabar Help Desk for assistance.


Create Student Update now saves the XML file with the .xml extension included as part of the filename.


Create Student Update loaded slowly due to issues inserting phone and address records.


Posting an FA batch with more than 100 rows sent multiple Post Aid Response files to JFA.


The Disbursements and Adjustments process failed for JFA students with first names longer than 15 characters.


Anticipated Aid now records and references the user preferences selected by a first-time user of Anticipated Aid. It no longer clears anticipated aid unexpectedly.


Running the Create Student Update process for very large datasets caused the system to crash.

FAM with PowerFAIDS
Longer Values for Database Connection

You can now use longer logins and passwords in the PowerFAIDS Database Connection window. This allows for better security. The values for Profile Name, Profile User, Password, and the stored encrypted database connection string have been extended.

Resolved Issues




Create Student Update ran very slowly due to issues related to the Name Master/Address Master changes.


CommonLine Loan Disbursements now populates the Eligible 1098-T value set for the LO transaction on the student account with the Fund Master 1098-T Eligibility column value.