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New Gender and Identity Options

New options in J1 Web and Desktop let you define and track gender identity and pronoun information. Sex at Birth, Gender Identity, Legal Sex, and Pronoun information can now be associated with individuals on the Desktop, Name Entity window, Biograph tab and on the J1 Web, Person Information Details page, Biograph tab.


Gender and identity updates on the Biograph tabs of the Desktop's Name Entity window and J1 Web's Person Information Details page:

  • Gender field is now identified as 'Sex at Birth.'

    Jenzabar provides default options, but you can your own by right-clicking and selecting Maintenance Screen.

  • New Gender Identity and Legal Sex fields let you associate the individual's preferred identity and legal sex. These options are controlled by the new Gender Definition window.

  • New Pronouns field lets you associate the individual's preferred personal pronouns. These options are controlled by the new Pronoun Definition window.


Gender and identity updates made in J1 Web are reflected in J1 Desktop and conversely J1 Desktop updates are reflected in J1 Web.

Jenzabar provides several default gender and pronoun definitions, but you can create your own using the new Desktop Gender and Pronoun definition windows in the Desktop.


These definitions are not only available as options in the system, but are also used with the new FormFlow Student Identity Update form. This new form collects the sex at birth, legal sex, gender identity, and preferred personal pronoun gender information using your campus portal and updates the system. Information is immediately saved to J1 Desktop and Web without requiring the internet submission process and approval, which can be a quick and easy way to update gender and identity information for many of the individuals at your school. See the Set Up the Student Identity Update Form help topic for more information.


Users that need to view or work with biograph information in Desktop must belong to a Desktop user group with permission to the tab and appropriate functions. Users that need to view or work with biograph information in J1 Web must belong a default Person Management role with the appropriate person information permissions enabled.

Resolved Issues




Names with special characters weren't sent to Campus Portal correctly via the DIS.


When reports with long names were run from the Additional Reports window, the Last Modified column was appended to the report name and the report produced an error.


The Phone and Alternate Contact sections were controlled by the wrong function (Student Information window > Address tab).


Duplicate Alternate Contact rows were created in certain situations (Review Internet Submission window > Address tab).


User groups that don't have permission to access Hazlewood Recipient Information will no longer see the Maintain Hazlewood Recipient Details button on windows with the Biograph tab > Military Service subtab.


Users with View Only permissions were able to delete rows on the Additional Names window.


Duplicate name search was very slow when Last Name or First Name were used as search conditions (Process Internet Submissions window).


Tabs were not available on the Name Entity window when it was opened from the following windows:

  • Create / View Vendors

  • Maintain Session Students

  • Maintain Advisees

  • HR Employee Master via Payroll

  • HR Employee Master via Personnel


On the Review Internet Submissions window, Emergency Contacts tab, users received an error and not all submitted column values were displayed.


The Document Storage feature did not work when configured with the Docubase product.


In the Admissions Import Utility window, adding an address row for ContactTypes without an AddressCode in the AddressCodeDef table produced an error and didn't save.


When students updated their FERPA permissions in the Campus Portal (JICS), the Process Internet Submissions window > Name tab did not show the yellow sunburst icon for differences in submitted data and the Compare Data button was inactive.


On the Review Internet Submissions window, attempting to save submitted student information produced an error.


Address drop-down options were being populated from the wrong table (Review Internet Submission window > Student tab).


On the Admissions Import Utility window, certain address rows returned an error during upload.


Unread/unreviewed comments weren't deleted when the Delete icon was clicked on the Review/Add Comments and Attachments window.


As of the 2022.1 release, comments cannot be deleted from the Desktop, so the delete icon is no longer available for comments.


The J1_SetAddress stored procedure had an incorrect join criteria.


When a Form Builder Admission Application was submitted for a student that was already in the database, the database values weren't accurate when compared with the submission (Process Internet Submission window > Select submitted submission > Select the Match ID > Name Tab > Compare Data button).


When active Desktop/J1 Web users were removed from the Active Directory EXAPPUSERS_<DBName> group, the APP_USER.EXiUser column was updated to 'N' during the AD Sync process. The process has been updated so that J1 Web users are not set or removed by AD Sync.


When the ADDRESS_MASTER view returned data for a Phone-only row (not linked to an address row), it was not returning the PHONE_PRIVATE, PHONE_STS, DTE_CONFIRMED, START_DTE, or END_DTE from the NamePhoneMaster row.  These columns will now be returned for phone-only rows.


The Update Related Address process updated the wrong address in certain situations.


Certain processes were blocked by the DIS because of incorrect NameMaster references.