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Students couldn't see their own holds on the Campus Portal Advising Worksheet (Course Schedule feature).


The Degree Audit PDF from the Degree Audit feature used the wrong description for the advisor type.


The function used by some reports to display date/time (f_get_current_date_time) was returning an empty value. Customers need to regenerate the affected reports in the avreport library:

  • r_advising_worksheet

  • r_advising_worksheet_tsi

  • r_advising_workload

  • r_grad_rpt

  • r_stud_adv_alter_rpt

  • r_stud_crs_needs_rpt

  • r_stud_progress_rpt


The Compute Student Progress (AV recalc) process now considers “Hours Earned + Hours in Progress” in comparison to Hours Needed. It previously used “Hours Earned” in comparison with Hours Needed.

For example, a student needed one course (3 credit hours) to complete a group requirement. They register for two applicable 3 credit hour courses. When the term started, both were counted as part of their degree program and therefore eligible for financial aid. When the term ended, the student successfully completed both and the Compute Student Progress process completed the group requirement with one course and dropped the other course to the free elective group or Admin bucket. This allowed the student to receive financial aid for a course that was not a part of their program because the software did not properly ascertain the student only needed one of the courses. The Compute Student Progress process now determines the course is not needed for the group requirement and applies it elsewhere in the institutional requirements tree or the free elective bucket (if there is room). If neither of those options is available, it is not considered as part of the student’s program and financial aid is disbursed accurately.


When "Apply unsatisfactory course to requirement until forgiven" was set to No, when students failed a course that was in the *FREE bucket, it was permanently moved to the #ADMIN bucket and didn't get moved back to the *FREE bucket when they repeated the course. This caused issues in the AC recalc process.


Cumulative courses that were put in the *FREE bucket did not show an 'In Progress' message on the Advising Worksheet.


Adding a row to the Advising Codes Definition window failed when there were no advising requirement types for the CRS type in the Maintain Advising Requirement Types window. The same issue occurred when attempting to add a cumulative course and an advising requirement type of CMCRS did not exist.