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Resolved Issues




The GetAdviseeRoster plugin method produced an error if either the Add Begin Date or Add End Date value was missing from the time control row for a given year/term.


When guests clicked the Request Login and Password link at the top of the page when courses that allowed public registration were returned in the Course Search, the link opened an error screen.


Students couldn't see their own holds on the Campus Portal Advising Worksheet (Course Schedule feature).


When a student was granted a Course Requisite Override for a corequisite course, that student wasn't able to register for the course (Course Schedule feature).


The Degree Audit PDF from the Degree Audit feature used the wrong description for the advisor type.


The function used by some reports to display date/time (f_get_current_date_time) was returning an empty value. Customers need to regenerate the affected reports in the avreport library:

  • r_advising_worksheet

  • r_advising_worksheet_tsi

  • r_advising_workload

  • r_grad_rpt

  • r_stud_adv_alter_rpt

  • r_stud_crs_needs_rpt

  • r_stud_progress_rpt


In the Add/Drop feature, the Registration Agreement Form responses didn't update the confirmation email or on-screen messages.


When the Account Balance Display setting was set to Total Account Only (My Financial Accounts feature), the Student Accounts block on the Student Home Page did not honor that setting.


Students weren't able to register for courses in subterms without an end date (Course Schedules feature).


Faculty names that didn't have an "I" designation (Courses window > Faculty tab > Instructor column) were visible in the Student Registration feature (Section details pop-up).


The list of student advisors displayed in the Degree Audit Summary page were not being ordered correctly.


The Advising worksheet didn't display the meeting date with meeting notes.


Previously, advising requirements that were tied to a section but weren't tied to a catalog wouldn't allow students to add those courses to their planning calendar. Now these requirements will appear in the left navigation for planning whether or not they are tied to a catalog.


On the Payment Plan feature, students were unable to sign up for a payment plan in some situations. Payment plans were also created with the wrong start date in certain cases.


The Course Search didn't return any results when the Course Number Range min and max values were the same (Add/Drop Courses feature).


When a course section had both types of Web Registration Group restrictions (by Course and by Group), then users on the Student Registration window received an error and couldn't register students for the course section.


On the Student Grade Report feature, clicking Final Grade produced an error.


Non-student users weren't able to access the Course Details pop-up (Student Registration feature > Course Search).


Students were allowed to waitlist when the 'Allow Waitlisting' setting was turned OFF (Web Registration Configuration window) and the Campus Portal Add/Drop Courses feature setting of 'Allow Students to Add Themselves to a Waitlist for a Course that is full' was turned OFF.


1098-T related rows were being displayed in the Financial Document Center feature even though they were marked as 'Exclude from Processing'.


When students paid Must Pay courses, the receipt transaction was applied as a debit instead of a credit.


The Remove from calendar option didn't appear for course sections that were added to a calendar (Student Registration feature).


Students couldn't access the planning calendar when they didn't have clearance or when they had holds for the selected term (Student Registration feature).


The Reset button didn't refresh search criteria to the default values (Add/Drop Courses feature > More search options).


Canceled courses appeared on the My Academic Plan section of the Student Registration page.


When students registered for a course in a subterm that required advisor approval and the subterm was in a year/term that did not require advisor approval, the Registration Checkout pop-up button was 'Register' and advisors weren't notified that they needed to approve the registration request (Student Registration feature).


The schedule pop-up didn't have a close option and disabled search functionality (Student registration feature > Course search > Schedule column > More link).


The preview link for the Personal Information Update Form opened the Add/Drop Courses feature instead of the form preview (Student Registration feature > Settings).


The Course Search stored procedure caused it to load slowly when a large number of students used the feature at the same time (Add/Drop Courses feature).


The Course Details pop-up didn't show when courses had multiple date ranges for different schedule rows (Student Registration feature, Course Details and Course Search).


When a section had more than 2 corequisites that weren't reciprocals of each other, selecting one or more of the sections for the planning calendar actually registered students for the course (Student Registration feature).


When students registered for a course to meet the Free Elective plan requirement and the course also met a requirement in a regular elective group, the course was added to the regular elective plan requirement and students weren't able to register for additional Free Elective requirements.


Students with a pending roommate request in the Roommate Request feature weren't warned about the pending request when they selected a room in the Room Selection feature.


Students were added to the waitlist for course sections that weren't full (Student Registration feature).


When the selected criteria for Course Search drop-downs didn't produce results, the "No results" message stayed on the page after new search criteria were entered (Student Registration feature).