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FormFlow & WorkFlow

Forms No Longer Require a Display End Date

You can now create forms that display for an indefinite amount of time by selecting the No end date option on the Form Settings > Settings tab. The Form Login Pages feature no longer requires an end date for login forms.

Accessibility Updates for Questions and Rows

Moving questions/fields and rows is more accessible with improved drag and drop functionality that can be applied to an individual question/field or an entire row. Question/field editing options are now accessed by clicking the ellipsis.

Form question with move and edit icons highlighted.
New Contact Information Update Form

A new Contact Information Update form allows any Campus Portal constituent to update their J1 contact information. The form automatically shows the logged in individual's institutional priority address, phone number, and email address, if they exist. Changes are immediately applied and do not require internet submission processing and approval.


FormFlow Administrators can choose to update other address codes. For example, they can opt to have constituent update the *CUR or *LHP contact information instead of the institutional priority (update the form's ADDR_CDE setting).



This form only updates information in J1 Web and Desktop. Contact Information shown in the Campus Portal is managed using the Campus Portal My profile and settings options.

New Student Identity Update Form

The new Student Identity Update form template collects sex at birth, legal sex, gender identity, and preferred personal pronoun gender information for any Campus Portal user with an ID number. Information is immediately saved to J1 Desktop and Web without requiring the internet submission process and approval.

Resolved Issues




Campus Portal users didn't receive a timeout message when they didn't submit a form before the timeout limit, and the form was submitted as a guest.


File upload questions didn't save files if the selected file was changed before clicking Submit.


Adding a reroute option to a workflow after a form was submitted created a null datapoint row resulting in an error screen.


The SubmitFormData XML didn't transmit the submitted responses in the right display order.


Files uploaded with an allowed file extension in upper case letters produced an error.


When a stage was deleted, forms were not properly updated to reference another stage resulting in an error message due to the orphaned form.


New tabs added to forms disappeared after validation until the form was closed and reopened.


The wrong validation error message was displayed.


A validation error message appeared when there wasn't a loop in the form.


The add button didn't let users create validations without performing additional steps (Form Tools > Data Validations).


The spacing between the Edit and Delete links on existing mapped statements disappeared when the browser window was made smaller.


Using the Group: clear rule on a question did not trigger the rules for that question.


Not all values entered in a form saved when users closed the form and opened it again.


Forms loaded slowly from the Manage Forms link.


Question label text wasn't visible when users attempted to edit a question.


This fix addresses changes related to the upcoming 2022.1 JICS release. Schools that do not upgrade to JICS 2022.1 need to apply this patch for FormFlow to function properly after JICS 2022.1 is released.


Textbox questions with integer validations produced errors and wouldn't let users submit the form.


Collection grid question responses were still added to the grid when there were validation errors.


When data that had an apostrophe was added to a form with collection grid and then the form was saved and reopened, the existing data that was submitted in the collection grid was deleted.


File upload links opened a broken link page when users navigated to another form tab and came back to the file upload question.