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Only releases with enhancements or resolved issues for this module have content below.

Regenerate Timecards After a Pay Group Change

If an employee’s Group Code or Subgroup Code is changed on the Header tab of the HR Employee Master via Payroll window or HR Employee Master via Personnel window in Desktop, the timecard now reflects the change and appears in J1 Web in the appropriate Pay Group format.

Depending on your employees’ existing timecard entries, this change may impact and require an update. Review the following scenarios to see how this improvement works with your current timecard entries.

  • If the employee’s timecard didn’t have any entries for this pay period, the timecard is cleared and regenerated to reflect the new Group or Subgroup Code format.

  • If the timecard did have entries for this pay period, but those entries were leave requests, the timecard is cleared and regenerated to reflect the new Group or Subgroup Code format. You won’t need to reapply the leave requests.

  • If the changed timecard did have entries that weren’t leave requests for this pay period, the timecard won’t be changed to reflect the new Group or Subgroup Code format until the start of the next pay period.

New Coverage Codes for 1095-C

There are two new coverage codes available in the HR Employee Master via Payroll window. Use them to report individual coverage HRAs (ICHRAs) under Section 6056 on the 1095-C form.

  • 1T: Individual coverage HRA offered to employee and spouse (no dependents) with affordability determined using employee's primary residence location ZIP code

  • 1U: Individual coverage HRA offered to employee and spouse (no dependents) using employee's primary employment site ZIP code affordability safe harbor

W-2 and 1095-C Forms

The 2021 tax year is available on the Generate W-2s and 1095-Cs windows and processes have been updated to reflect any government changes for this year.

IRS 2021 Filing Links

W-2 Form:

W-2 Instructions:

1095-C Form:

1095-C Instructions:

For more information about working with these forms, see the Generate W-2 process guide and the Generate 1095-C process guide on MyJenzabar. You can also visit our Help Hub Youtube channel to watch Generate W-2 and 1095-C process videos.

Federal Tax Table Updates

As of the date of release, the government has not issued a final version of Publication 15. The tax tables have been updated based on the government’s preliminary updates. If additional changes are needed once the final numbers are issued, you will be able to update using a script posted on or future updates to the database structure utility (DSU)/default data update (DDU).

2022 Group Term Life Table Updates

As of this release, the federal government has not yet updated Group Term Life Insurance tax rates. If they do so, the Tax Table will be adjusted accordingly using the database structure utility (DSU)/default data update (DDU).

One-Page Format Option for W-2

There is a new one-page format available for viewing, downloading, and printing your W-2 form. In this new format, you can view the W-2 form in quarters displaying Part B Federal, Part C State, and two copies of Copy 2.

In the Generate W-2s window, when you select Review W-2s or Generate W-2s, the 4 Part Quadrant radio button appears in the W-2 Format section. Select and save the new format.

New Status Rows in PATimecardDetailStatus Table

“Processing” and “Processed” status rows have been added to the PATimecardDetailStatus table to prevent web timecards already being processed from displaying on the J1 Web Employee Administrator Manage Timecards page. During the upgrade to 2019.4 a script runs to insert the status rows into the table and set a status of “Processed” for historical web timecards that exist in the CHK_HIST_TIMECARD table a TRANS_STS of “H”.

Category Column added to Maintain Definitions Window

A new column, Category, is available in the Maintain Definitions window/Educational Offerings Definition table. Access the table from HR Employee Master/Achievements tab/Education block and right-click in the Education Type field. Changing the category to “Education” makes the information display on the employee’s Achievements page in J1 Web.

Maintain Definitions window with Category column selected.
Resolved Issues




The Positions tab on the HR Employee Master via Personnel was available when it was marked as Read Only in the Group Definition Permissions.


A setting in the  window that controlled how the Save was to be handled had been changed. This has been set back to do an Update instead of Delete and Insert. When a user changed a value on the Employee Master Header tab, saving caused a Foreign Key error.